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Pathway2Peace is a unique gathering dedicated to empowering the mental wellness industry. Set to take place October 24 – 27 in Orlando, FL. Our event brings together a diverse group of wellness entrepreneurs, practitioners, and enthusiasts for 3-days filled with inspiration, networking, and growth.


In attendance will be predominantly mental, medical, and wellness business owners with a projected 80 to 95% mental and medical business owners.

1000+ Marketed

Medical & Wellness Decision Makers Invited

100+ Opportunities

To connect & grow in person

80% Attendees

Women Business Owners

95% Attendees

Medical & Wellness Business Owners, CEOS, & C-SUITE Executives

Current Sponsors include:

Einstein & Arnold Wellness Centers – Where Wellness Meets Innovation

Brain Train Centers – The fastest growing neurofeedback company in the world

1000+ Marketed

1000+ Digital Marketing & Outreach

1000+ Marketed

100+ In-Person Brand Exposure with Prepped Audience

Sponsor Packages

  • Digital + Event Reach
  • Packages from $50K – $500
  • Ensuring Maximum Exposure in a targeted Audience

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Caroline Leaf

  • Published Author
  • Neuroscientist
  • 1.3+ Million Followers

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